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The Fire is Out, Now What?

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Say there was a fire at your Minnesota business. Fortunately all employees were safely evacuated and no one was injured. Your local firefighters put out the fire, and you surveyed the damage in stunned silence. What would your next move be? If such a terrible scenario ever does occur, you will need to contact your insurance agent immediately after the emergency to report property loss. Hopefully, you will have been prepared, with either an electronic file of your insurance policies or hard copies at a secure location away from your Minnesota business. In this situation, you may need to pull out your policies and begin reviewing them to verify your coverage.

Filing a Claim Following a Disaster

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The Insurance Information Institute (III) offers claims filing instructions to homeowners who have suffered a loss from a disaster. Most standard home insurance policies provide financial protection for damages caused by fire, wind and a number of other events. Flood and earthquake coverage usually require separate policies.

Is Your Business Prepared to Fight off Hackers?

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Computer hacking is a relatively new phenomenon, and insurance companies are continuing to work on designing polices for businesses at risk of cyber-attacks. Should you not have business insurance coverage that specifically addresses hacking, viruses and other technology-related risks that may threaten your Minnesota business, you should contact your agent to find out about cyber insurance.

Special Insurance for Your String of Pearls

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Perhaps a relative left you a valuable string of pearls as an inheritance, or you were given a strand for a milestone birthday or anniversary. Whatever the case, you will want to take special care of such a valuable gift. This may include purchasing extra coverage for your pearls through your insurance company. It might be a good idea to consult your agent to find out any limitations on your standard policy in regards to valuable jewelry, and determine if you need to add an endorsement to your policy to provide extra financial protection.

Safe Handling of Propane to Prevent Home Fires in Minnesota

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Grills, hibachis and barbecues are the types of cooking equipment most often involved in propane gas-related house fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). It’s important to take safety precautions when handling propane. Having the right insurance policies to financially protect you and your Minnesota property in the event of a fire, or other disaster, is important as well.

The Risks of Employees Sharing Passwords

Category: Blog

Making sure your Minnesota business is financially protected with business insurance is vital. It is important that you keep your policies updated so that you have the right coverage for your business in the event of a theft, vandalism, fire or other disaster. It is equally important to prevent things like theft from happening in the first place, wherever possible. It’s a good idea to think about security across your business, including keeping the information in your computer database safe.

Recognizing National Independent Retailers Week

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Our independent retailers started with the first merchants who left their various homelands and traveled across an ocean to an unknown country in search of a better life. They opened general stores, and small shops, and their legacy is seen today with those who own independent retail businesses. July 15-21 has been set aside to celebrate and promote the thousands who own and manage independent retail businesses. National Independent Retailers Week may be a good time to review your business insurance in Minnesota to make sure your current policies are in line with your business needs.

Floods Plague Minnesota this Summer

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Flooding has been a problem in parts of Minnesota for the last few weeks, and hundreds of people have been displaced from their homes. If you live in Minnesota and you haven’t been affected, you may want to review your Minnesota homeowners insurance coverage. Flood insurance is typically sold separately from a standard homeowners’ policy.

Possible Discounts on Minnesota Homeowners Insurance

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Have you recently retired? You may want to take the time meet with your Minnesota homeowners insurance agent to find out about any discounts your carrier may offer to retired persons. Since many retired people tend to be home more often, they may be less likely to be victims of burglary. They also tend to have more time for home maintenance. Some insurance companies offer a discount for people who are 55 years of age and older.

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